Bridge Builders Kundenstimmen:

„I enjoyed working with Thomas over the past years. He is open to new challenges and ideas. He continuously looks for improvement not only in what he does but also for the team. His open way of communicating and sharing ideas makes the working relationship easy. Thomas is committed and loyal.“

Saliha Barlatey
Former Head of Corporate Industry Affairs at NESTLE S.A.

„Thomas is a commercial leader who understands customers and knows how to win in the marketplace. I became familiar with his work leading the Metro Group strategy for Nestle and I was impressed with his committment and skills to build the business in a competitive environment.“

RDavid Loiacono
General Manager Healthcare Training

„Thomas and I worked together during the Ralston Purina period. Thomas was instrumental setting up the Grocery business from scratch in the German market where Ralston historically had a weak position. His professional, experienced, intellectual, analytical and calm approach worked well approaching the good contacts he has with the German grocery retail. With limited brand support he build an excellent distribution base for the future. Thomas’ continued service in Nestle Purina for many years is a testament for the good business he build.“

Roelof Zeijpveld
CEO Co-Founder Ubora Orchards Ltd